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29 May 2010 @ 08:40 pm
Fic: Worth Fighting For  
Title: Worth Fighting For
Author: dw_10rosefan 
Pairing: Peter Carlisle/Rose Tyler
Word Count: 100 words
PG (Just to be on the safe side.)
none, just myself I guess and AbiWord. So all mistakes are mine. 
Fandom: Crossover between Blackpool & Doctor Who.
Summary: Peter wonders about Rose and her Doctor.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and Blackpool are both owned by the BBC. *Sigh*J, I apologize if anything was used w/out permission. It won't happen again. Also, I haven't written a story in over a year so I apologize if I am a wee bit rusty.

Sometimes it’s the way Rose looks at him.

When she looks into his eyes, it’s the Doctor she sees and not Peter, the man she fell for only three years ago.

It has been obvious since they met.

The worse thing is that he knows that her Doctor could come back, and when he does Rose will be gone forever.

His gut tells him to forget about her, yet his heart tells him to fight for her and never let go.

Now as she sleeps peacefully in his arms Peter realizes something important-Rose is worth fighting for.